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Fire incidents can be downright brutal and depressing especially if they have caused a lot of damage. Unfortunately, though the fire has been extinguished and the firefighters have left, the fire and water damage will be extreme. This is why you must be thinking about picking up a few products from the local supermarket to start the cleaning process. However, because fire damage is dangerous and hazardous to health, it is recommended that you call a fire damage restoration company to help you out. And what other best option than Costa Mesa Water Damage?

Our company is a pioneer in the fire and water damage restoration industry and we have professionals who stick to strict guidelines when cleaning your home. These precautionary measures ensure that your house safe and breathable for you to move in.

Though it may seem like you can get rid of the soot stuck to your walls and ceiling, it is best to call an expert who can properly judge the extent of damage. Approaching an expert company will help you get rid of the smoke smell as well as the soot within a short time. So always consider calling an expert with a license and certificate so you know you are dealing with a profession.

However, having a certificate alone cannot tell you a lot about the ethical values of the company. Here are a few important things that you need to check before you hire a fire restoration contractor:

  • Is their certification and license up to date?
  • Do they have the necessary safety and health certification?
  • Do they have the appropriate past experience?
  • Are they transparent in revealing their legal documents?

Fire damage restoration requires experience as much as certification, and that is what Costa Mesa Water Damage has to offer. We have a plethora of IICRC certified technicians ready to serve you 24\7.

Safety and Restoration Tip

Before deciding to hire a company for your damage restoration work, you must ensure that the extent of your damage is such as professional help is needed. Don’t trust companies that say that you need restoration for small damages because they are just trying to make money. Costa Mesa Water Damage believes in giving honest consultation because for us your trust means everything.

Here are a few safety and restoration tips, advised by the IICRC, for you if you believe that the damage wasn’t that severe.

  • Always wear a medical dust mask and gloves when you step into the house
  • Air out your home by installing a box fan into the window
  • Cleaning should be done from top to bottom. Go for the ceilings first, walls and fixtures second, the furniture, appliances third and last but not least, the floor at the very end
  • Use a strong vacuum cleaner to vacuum inside the house
  • Launder the washable unburnt clothes with an alkaline cleaner
  • Clean the external walls by using detergent, apply pressure wash and rinse in a top to bottom fashion.

We warn you to not try all this if you believe the damage is severe. The flames may have affected the foundation of the house and this can sometimes cause the ceiling to fall. Instead, make the intelligent decision and call us immediately. We promise that our fire restoration services are the best in the entire Orange County.

Do Not Wait to Get Your Property Fixed

We have seen people coming to us after weeks of the fire. Most of them either tried fixing the damage themselves or thought fire damage clean up wasn’t required. The effect doesn’t take weeks to start, it takes minutes. Within minutes the acid soot residue starts turning plastics and porous material lose their color. Within hours the same acid makes metal objects corroded and weak, also the counter tops and furniture start losing their colors.

Within days the walls become permanently yellow, the metal objects become useless, the furniture and the vinyl flooring becomes replaceable. And after weeks the cost is high for smoke and fire damage restoration and almost everything has to be replaced.

The dangers of an unattended fire extinguished property are real. Call us right now at (949) 566-8206 to make your home or office, safe.


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